Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Safety at the railway station.

Teaching the rules about the Yellow Line on the railway platform

Read the Story of the man in Perth Australia

Watch the short film on  You Tube

People Power frees man

Watch the video Safe at the station part 1

Use an information sheet  Word  or PDF about Yellow Line rules and Mind the Gap !

A instruction sheet for a follow up task: Create a poster 

Visiting the Railway station:

A tick sheet to use when visiting a railway station. Word version

PDF version 

From Skills workshop An e2/3 powerpoint about Train safety 

'A railway safety PowerPoint to be used as a discussion on why we need to stay safe around railway lines. Can be used as a speaking and listening tool to form discussion points or as a reading comprehension.'

Southern Rail have produced a series of videos on how to use the ticket machine

See my other Train travel blog entry: Train Safety

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