Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Health and Safety signs

I have two more resources that you might like to use when teaching health and safety to students with learning difficulties at Entry level.

BBC Northern Ireland has a
health and safety signs interactive quiz.
It needs the learner to be able to read, so might be a good one for the the interactive whiteboard.

The second is a resource to buy.

Bring a smile to safety training. is a resource intended as 'a useful training guide for new employees and a valuable refresher for other workers' .It also works for every level of student .

Originally they were published as three short videos and I have used "Best signs story" The section on safety signs with my entry level students.

It may already be be available in your library, but if not get them to order it. College libraries often don't spend a lot on resources for students with learning difficulties and are always pleased when you find a useful resource they can buy.

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Health and Safety

Thanks to my colleague John for finding the BBC quiz.

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