Saturday, 29 November 2008

Supporting Educational Blogs and Websites

I was never very good at leaving tips until my daughter got a job in our local pub restaurant (a really excellent place for food by the way). Now that I have a blog I feel the same way about the adverts that appear on the edges of websites and blogs .There are so many excellent free resources on the net theses days. When I've found a resource I like I spend a bit of time looking at the accompanying adverts and clicking through to their sites. I do this to say thanks for providing me with great resources for free.This hasn't been a waste of time either as the ads often lead to other resources.Advertisers usually don't pay anything for the adverts that appear on small websites but will pay if their websites have been explored by clicking through.If you want to read more about this look at Adsense .Some webs and blogs also support themselves by selling products e.g.One Switch or by using the Donors choose .org - See the blog Teaching students with multiple needs.

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