Saturday, 1 November 2008

Recognising and counting numbers to 10

Some of my Entry level Life skills class have skills at Milestone 7/8. (Students with learning difficulties often have spiky profiles.)
In our basic skills lessons we are working on to counting consistently to 10 and recognition of numbers 1-10.
Here are some ideas:
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The learning portal has a good interactive counting game based around shopping . It has sound and is self correcting .

a simple number bingo game 1-10 made with Worksheet Genius.

Count and sort everyday objects up to 10

Cutlery, cups,
felt tips and playing cards.

Senteacher has number cards in its printables section .

These could be put next to the objects when counting.

Dominoes are good for counting

Pages 1-9 of In the Office on the

Skillsworkshop site are all simple worksheets on number recognition .

The Counting Game is an interactive counting game on Room 108. It needs mouse skills has no sound .It needs simple reading skills so would require 1:1 support to start, or the interactive whiteboard

There is a similar small counting game on Maths slice

Playing card activities are good :
There are lots of playing cards ideas on do 2 learn web site


SNAP Old Maid Memory

The students could also sort playing cards then count the playing cards

page 5 of In the Office Skillsworkshop site provides a worksheet for this activity.

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