Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Skills for Working and the Excellence Gateway

The QIA Excellence Gateway has a publication

Skills for Working available as a large PDF .

The guidance is written for staff working with adult post-16 learners with learning difficulties or disabilities in the range pre entry to level 2.

Skills for Working offers ideas and suggestions on how to support the development of literacy, language and numeracy skills for learners in a vocational context.It also offers guidance on working with employers (page 49) and supporting people to move on from education to work. The appendices has examples of locally-devised materials developed with and for learners.

There is a Work Experience Log book (page 142) . These are examples rather than templates to download and use. There is also a DVD which accompanies this publication.It includes a 30 minute video introducing Yvonne, a learner on a work preparation programme.

The publication can be ordered on the QIA website and is free. QIA also has an example of good practice:

Brent Adult and Community Education Service offers a programme to find realistic work placement and develop independence for learners with learning difficulties or disabilities with a wide range of partners.

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