Monday, 16 February 2009

Snap! Get involved SOON .

Mencap are running a photography competition. Photographs have to taken by someone with a learning disability or be of someone with a learning disability. See my previous blog entry. The closing date is March 9th.

I came across some good photos on The Big Tree blog showing This is Me,the exhibition of Snap!2008.


Grapevine media team said...

Hello, here at Grapevine, a group of 5 young photographers have recently held a photography exhibition at The Herbert Museum & Art Gallery in Coventry. Their work was on display alongside a touring Victoria & Albert contemporary exhibition called Something I will never really see, which included photographs by David Hockney. Our photographers will certainly think about entering some of their work into the Mencap competition. if you want to know more about our work please visit our blogs & website:
Best wishes Denise

Vienna said...

I like the photos! I've had a look at the Flickr show and it is very good

keep up the good work with your blog and website.