Sunday, 26 April 2009

Tomato and Vegetables with Pasta or Baked Potato

My Milestone 4-8 Cookery class prepared Vegetables with Pasta or baked potato . You can download the ingredients and equipment sheet at My 4 shared.
This week the ingredients list ran over 3 pages as I wanted to make sure the pictures were clear and accessible for all the students. Having too many bits of paper didn't turn out to be a problem but let me know what you think.
This week the students first had to make a choice between baked potato and pasta and circle their choice.The students then chose the vegetables they wanted from the sheets. This allowed us to name and identify and taste.
I don't use exact measurements.We put all the ingredients on the table and students took a small piece or a bowlful as required.
Having the picture sheets has allowed the students to independently collect all their ingredients and equipment.
Some aims (depending on ability):
Make a choice between two ingredients
Name and identify 4 vegetables used in the cooking class
Identify 4 of the pictures on your recipe sheet.
Use pictures /symbols to find 4 ingredients without help.
Use a symbol/picture list to collect all ingredients with minimum support.
Use a symbol/picture list to collect all equipment .
Use a recipe to cook a dish with minimum support.
Identify one thing you have done well in the session.

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