Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A lesson on Tally

Being able to make a simple tally is useful for my students. They can use the skill to make a drinks list or keep a record of sales in an enterprise project .We used these resources to improve our tally skills for our Edexcel Enterprise sale which was a Valentine sweets sale.

For my Tally Lesson I used two powerpoints from
Primary Resources .

Look in the Maths Section, then through to :Handling data :Tally and bar chart .
I used:
Cars Tally (Rachel Wood) PDF
Cars Tally (Judy Valentine) DOC ( a recording sheet to use with the Car tally powerpoint )
Tally Charts (Rebecca James) Zipped - People who help us tally (very good for citizenship work)
People Who Help Us Tally (Judy Valentine) DOC (a recording sheet to use with the People who help us tally powerpoint).

I have also made a drinks tally

which is available to download at My 4 Share and a recording sheet
Before we used the tally powerpoint I started with some small group work to practise counting accurately and some work to practise making simple tally marks .(I wouldn't introduce the five bar gate for entry 1.)

The numeracy core curriculum says:

entry 1 students have to
construct simple representations or diagrams, using knowledge of numbers,
understand that the purpose of representations is to communicate information

this could include using a simple tally system to record and represent information
At Entry 2 collect simple numerical information and represent information so that it makes sense to others (e.g. in lists, tables and diagrams)

This skill will eventually be fully developed
at Entry 3
At E3 the student has to make observations and record numerical information using a tally and understand how to use a frequency table.

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