Thursday, 2 April 2009

Writing and Telling Stories for Adults

Reading for Pleasure has just been launched by Niace . The site is primarily a Skills for Life resource but may be relevant if you are working with Adult Entry level groups on developing reading and story writing skills.
It has a section on
Story telling which has lesson plans and ideas as well as a Professional Development Unit which can be used towards the Institute of Learning CPD requirement.
The CPD story telling objectives:
To develop an appreciation of the importance of stories for adult learners.
To develop skills in locating stories with relevant themes
To develop an appreciation of the value of visiting storytellers and ways of
using them effectively in the classroom.
To develop an understanding of the value of storytelling as an empathetic
To develop an appreciation of using community resources.
To gain practical advice on how to get support from local libraries, the arts
council and the local community.

Tell us Your Story ! from has a creative writing resource to download . The download gives ideas for creative writing sessions. It was originally used in a project called Days Like This in 2008 which aimed to get people in Scotland ,including those with learning disabilities writing Personal stories.

If you are interested in Sensory stories for adults with learning difficulties take a look at Bag Books .

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