Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tuff Cams in action

We were lucky enough to have some Tuff Cams via the Molenet project .
You can watch a short video here about how the Tuff Cam works.

I've been using them for a few weeks and I have finally worked out how to use them at their best.(It now seems so obvious!)

They work very well for the student to record their own work :
The student holds the camera preferably close to the subject they are filming and at the same time speaks and comments on their own work.
The short films can then be viewed immediately on the whiteboard .
We have also used them for recording short messages to camera (close up)

Why does it work best like this:
  • The microphone on the Tuff Cam is on the screen side, so picks up the voice of the person using the camera
  • The quality of the camera makes it best for close up work or for filming that is not intended for high quality presentation.
  • The cameras are designed to be used by the student. They are simple in design and are durable.

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