Saturday, 25 February 2012

World War 2

For this half term some of my students have chosen History Club for their enrichment activity. Later in the term they will go to the local museum for a workshop on home life in 2nd world war. I've been looking for suitable resources and I've listed some below:

Woodland Junior school Introduction to 2nd World War

A Boardmaker share activity

A simplified view of the Axis and Allied powers in World War 2

Sounds of war from BBC school radio including war time songs
The story of Anne Frank from Priory Wood school


Two 3 minute films originally from teachers TV now on School's World

Food Rationing

Living with Rationing

Primary Resources WW2 resources section has a basic PDF Ration book

or you can buy a replica book from Amazon for £1.99

An online activity Rationing: shop for a meal in 1943 from BBC Primary History on the Daily Life page
Woodland Junior School Introduction to rationing

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Disabled Education said...

You've put together some fantastic lesson resources in this post.

Do keep up the good work!

Best wishes, Alex.