Saturday, 3 March 2012


Here are a collection of links for teaching gardening,learning about plants and delivering basic skills through gardening for students with a learning disability

Good resources on plants and growth from communication 4 all including posters,worksheets,PowerPoint and word searches

A PowerPoint on Flowers find it in the Science: Life processes and living things section of the Whiteboard room

How a plant grows from Greenwing

NGFL Wales

Plants need light and water to grow

Label the parts of a plant. interactive activity and work sheets to print out

Discover what helps a plant grow

Put the plant where it will grow best.

Flowers to colour online

Gardening is fun a book to read on Tar Heel Reader

Wheelchair gardening a book to read from Tarheel reader.

TES I board
'listen-and-read' explanation books. Learn about the life cycle of a sunflower

Growing a bean sequencer from TES iboard

Review the instructions and drag them into the timeline

Growing a bean from TES i board
listen and watch the instructions for growing a bean then write your own instruction

Dottie's garden A story to read from Primary Games

Entry 3 resource for Teaching Basic skills through outdoor occupations :

Literacy language and Numeracy

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