Sunday, 5 January 2014

Making The Most of It.

This photo is called Making The Most of It.It was taken during a wild and windy October day. It wasn't quite so wet as the recent weather!

I think making the most of it is what I want to do this year: 
Work as hard as I can for my students and try and develop the skills they need for their next step in life .But  I want to achieve this and do things for myself as well !   I'd like to get better at Photography,improve my running: Parkrun is a great safe and social way to run.
I'm also starting a course at college on using Social Media,so I may be blogging a bit more to practice some of my new skills!

I've written 23 posts this year, most have been linked to subjects I am teaching . Since September I have been teaching Personal Safety including Road Safety,a gardening enterprise, ICT safety, Community Action,Recycling and  Maths and English.

We still use the OCR qualification : Life and Living and Employability but are exploring the opportunities offered by using RARPA,especially with students working at Milestone 8 or below.

My college is now  in its third year of waiting for OFSTED but  it should be over by February as this is the end of the legal time limit .

It was with dismay that I read the recent Guardian article:

Further education became Ofsted's new punchbag

I wish you a Happy New Year, sucess with your students and a good work life balance
Here are a list of my top ten posts from the last 5 years:

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