Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Exploring EyeGaze

 I hope to find out more about Eye Gaze in our next development day.
 I've read 

  I've listed a few websites to try out .  
From Sen teacher  download  Lightbox Light Box has 21 abstract scenes which encourage exploration of basic cause and effect. A range of colours, contrasts and background options are provided.
The desktop version includes support for switches, Leap Motion, mice, head and eye trackers. 

The best setting when using Camera mouse is
Glide and Midas touch ,the cursor has a circle round it so you can see where you are pointing.
 Jackson Pollock


  Wonderful Rainbow
Grains of sand build up to make a picture .The sound effect of the gentle dropping of sand is an option and you can save your work to the gallery,then download.

Boobah Zone

I have  downloaded Camera Mouse 

and HeadMouse 

 and a 30 day trail on  Dwell clicker

They are both easy to set up (so far only on the laptop -Windows 8)

This isn't eye gaze :
Tobii PC eyego
EYEGAZE Foundations
any of these packages
 but may be a start as we begin to look in to systems and assessment. So far my student has controlled Camera Mouse and created a Jackson Pollock picture!

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