Saturday, 27 September 2008

Alternative to hello songs

Last year I made a Hello PowerPoint to play at the start of each class. My class was a group of adults with learning difficulties working in the milestone 4-7 range. Each student has two PowerPoint slides, one with their name on followed by another with a big full screen photo of the student giving a big smile and a thumbs up.The PowerPoint was set to the music of the Dandy Warhols - Bohemian like me.
Each person, including the staff waited for their name or photo to appear on the screen (we used a data projector and laptop) . They then came to the front, gave a wave or a thumbs up to each person in the group using eye contact if possible. We encouraged the others in the group to return the greeting.
It took me a while to make the Powerpoint but it was worth it. The students loved it and I used it throughout the year. It ensured that at the start of the lesson everyone was active and interacting with the group.
You'll need to take steps to avoid the students staring straight into the light from the data projector.
If you would like to learn how to include music in a PowerPoint
click here

Another idea:
If you have a big space this is a good start for an active lesson:
Put on the Enya track
Orinoco Flow. available on The Best Of Enya.
Students walk randomly around the room,when they meet another person they shake hands, nod or say a greeting and carry on walking.
The steady upbeat rhythm of the music really energise them .
Only If by Enya can be used in a similar way .Students work in a 4/3/2 as appropriate . They divide either end of a large room and as in a relay race take turns to march up to their partner and either High 5 or shake hands with their partner.The partner then takes over. The exchange of students at either end continues until the music stops
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