Saturday, 20 September 2008

Using the Travel training resource a2bsafely

a2bSafely is an excellent travel training resource for students with learning difficulties.

It has a series of short videos showing young adults making a journey. It is narrated in a clear voice. It has 4 levels
Each level has a choice of journeys :

corner shop route
bus route
pool route
school route
park route

Assessing and RecordingWhen the student has completed a journey they can print out a tracker sheet which summarises what they have learnt .

It can be used as a record and to discuss with the student .

The map detailing all the routes can also be downloaded for the student. There are also newsflash certificates for rewarding good practice at crossing the road and highlighting where more practice is needed .The website ensures that students move through the levels by restricting access to level 3 and 4 . You must turn these on using the toolbox under the PLAY section .

Learning OutcomesThe learning outcomes section tells you what the student will learn in each section It does not however detail the level of each skill. The best place to look for detail is the tracker pages in the download section.

Parent /learner guide
There is a learners/parents guide
Step by Step to go alongside this interactive teaching tool . It can be downloaded in PDF form.

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