Friday, 5 September 2008

Hello songs

The Becta SLD forum recently had a useful thread about suggestions for Hello Songs.
To the tune of 'nice one Cyril'?

Hello Debbie,
Hello Debbie,Hello Debbie,
How are you today?

"Happy Birthday to you"
The "Happy Birthday to you" song is possibly the most popularly sung song in the whole world, and was adapted from a song originally entitled (and worded) "Good morning to all", which was written in 1893 by two kindergarten school teachers in America for precisely the purpose of greeting children in the morning.

From the movie
I'm singing in the rain- Good morning!

Good morning
Good morning
It's nice to see you here
Good morning,
good morning to you.

There are two suggestions for products to buy:

Connections by Jessica Curry( £41.00 a copy ) has been suggested as having age appropriate songs

"In October Alison Burns will be publishing "Respect", a songbook (with CD) of new songs for secondary age students with special needs. It's been tried out with great success at a school in Scotland and includes "Hi 5, I'm OK" which is a singaround hello song. The songbook contains Signalong signs for the songs and will be launched at the
Signalong stand at Special Needs London on 17th October. Mike Kennard Signalong."

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